Kicking Off the Fall Baking: Apple, Olive Oil, and Lavender Cake

Apple CakeIf you are currently in Southern California, you know that we are experiencing a ridiculous heat wave. Where is my fall weather???!

Despite the heat, I’m showcasing one of my favorite fall recipes: Apple, Olive Oil, and Lavender Cake. I know it sounds like a lot but trust me on this one. I first came across a similar cake when I was traveling in the Mid-West a few years ago and have since made it my own. Apples tend to get upstaged by pumpkin when it comes to fall baking and this recipe showcases them beautifully. Continue reading


Vegan Chocolate-Espresso Souffle: Rising to the Occasion

Chocolate SouffleHello again! This week’s recipe is for all you chocolate lovers out there.

I’ve always enjoyed a well done souffle–it’s light and airy with a an almost pudding like texture. After going vegan, I thought souffles were going to be off limits since it’s main ingredients are eggs. Eggs are what give the souffle both the classic rise and texture known throughout the culinary world.

Enter silken tofu. I’m such a big advocate of silken tofu in vegan baking, especially when it comes to creating things that require that smooth, creamy texture (i.e. pumpkin pie). Continue reading

Vegan & Gluten-Free Biscuits: My New Obsession

biscuitsOk I have a confession: I love gluten-free bread. I don’t have celiac disease, nor much of an intolerance for that matter…but I absolutely adore gluten-free bread. There’s something about the delicate texture that just seems so perfect. Now don’t get me wrong: I’ve had some terrible experiences with gluten-free bread that left me with the impression that I just endured eating two slices of cardboard, but when the bread is made correctly its light, flavorful and is the perfect blank canvas for any sandwich.  Continue reading