Meet the Bakers

Melissa Sacchetto

Melissa Sacchetto, Co-Founder. Melissa’s love for food goes much further than her taste buds. For as long as she can remember, food has played a central role in her life and even contributes to some of her fondest memories, including her 8th birthday when she had a baking party! These memories now serve as part of her inspiration for HEAC,  which she hopes can be part of your special memories.

Daryl Manese

Daryl Manese, Co-Founder. Starting at a young age, Daryl became quite comfortable in the kitchen, being able to “dismantle every pot, pan and lid in less than a minute” according to his mother. Though not quite as messy, Daryl still enjoys the pleasures of baking. He is always in search of new ingredients and interesting flavors. Together with his best friend, Melissa, Daryl is ecstatic to see where this new culinary endeavor will take him.


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  1. Love the website. I am looking forward to your emails and blogs. Excited to get my first order of pumpkin cupcakes!! Good luck Melissa and Daryl

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