Giving Thanks for Pumpkin, Chocolate and Oreos

Charlie Brown Ok so I thought I was off the pumpkin kick, but I guess I’m not and this next recipe is so good. I mean pumpkin AND chocolate? It’s a match made in foodie heaven. Now this cheesecake is just as rich as it’s non-dairy cousin and no one has to know its vegan. I made this guy last year for Thanksgiving, served right next to a normal cheesecake, and EVERYONE liked it more. They still probably think its non-vegan…unless, of course, they’re reading this then…surprise! I got ya! Continue reading


I Put a Spell on You: Scary Good Pumpkin Cobbler

hocus-pocus-movie-poster-1619During the 1690’s there were a string of tragic, malicious events known as The Salem Witch Trials, a series of court hearings accusing people of witchcraft and thus sentencing its victims to death. Since then, there has been a fascination with colonial New England and witches, especially during this time of year. Now as some as you know I am a total history buff, so I am super excited to share this next recipe with you.

Cobbler dates back to around the time of the Salem Witch trials. The newly arrived English settlers were still attempting to get acquainted with their new world and what new foods it had to offer, while clinging onto what culinary traditions they carried with them. Continue reading

A Match Made in Heaven: Vegan Pumpkin Loaf & Homemade Vegan Caramel

caramelHi friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. We were so wonderfully productive this weekend preparing treats for our friends at the Bean Town Coffee Bar, the Anabella Hotel and Crate&Barrel. Fall baking is definitely in full swing and everyone is after anything pumpkin flavored, especially our Pumpkin Macarons and Cupcakes!

Okay, now its your turn to dust off the apron and get in the kitchen with this super easy, all-vegan recipe that I’ve been using for years! Good vegan caramel is hard to come by, so why not make it yourself? Continue reading