Kicking Off the Fall Baking: Apple, Olive Oil, and Lavender Cake

Apple CakeIf you are currently in Southern California, you know that we are experiencing a ridiculous heat wave. Where is my fall weather???!

Despite the heat, I’m showcasing one of my favorite fall recipes: Apple, Olive Oil, and Lavender Cake. I know it sounds like a lot but trust me on this one. I first came across a similar cake when I was traveling in the Mid-West a few years ago and have since made it my own. Apples tend to get upstaged by pumpkin when it comes to fall baking and this recipe showcases them beautifully. Continue reading


Just a Plum Good Cake: Plum Coffee Cake with Walnut Streusel

plumsSo every weekend, I grab a couple of shopping bags and hit the farmer’s market to check out whats in season and ready for baking…and yes, despite the heat, I do not mind baking!

Anyway, I perused the stalls, gathering various greens and a few packages of hummus (always). Eventually stopped to purchase some fruit and was immediately drawn to a beautiful table full of plums.¬†I absolutely love plums and these little guys were gorgeous–their skin was firm and a deep burgundy with an insanely sweet and incredibly juicy flesh. PERFECT FOR BAKING! So I quickly loaded up my bags, trekked back to the Prius, and immediately started raiding my pantry to start baking. Now it was still early on in the day and I didn’t want anything terribly rich or heavy, so I decided upon a nice coffee cake to enjoy with my afternoon tea. The result was beautiful. I paired the tender plums with a light, buttery cake and topped it off with a warm, nutty streusel¬†crumb. Continue reading

What a Peach! Vegan Summer Peach Galette

Peach GaletteWell summer is clearly in full swing and the produce couldn’t be better! I was recently at my local farmers market and walked home with FOUR bags filled all kinds of fruits and veggies (and a few tubs of garlic hummus..YUM!).

As much as I don’t really enjoy the heat, I do LOVE what the season brings to the table, especially peaches!!! Ever since I was a kid, I have been obsessed with peaches. What’s so great about the stone fruit is that you don’t have to do too much to it, in order to showcase its potential. From simply slicing it and putting it on a salad to brushing it with a little vanilla extract and lightly grilling it, the peach is quite possibly the perfect summer fruit. Continue reading